How to work with Community Board


Команда форума
There are 2 types of Community Board that we will cover.

1. Official Community Board
2. Custom Community Board with buffer/shop/etc.

# Is it enabled
Community board enabled AllowCommunityBoard = True
# Default bypass
BBSDefault = _bbshome
# For custom bbs (buffer, shop etc.) need replace _bbshome on _bbspage:index
BBSDefault = _bbspage:index

Path to HTML for standart Community Board:

Path to HTML for custom Community Board:

To add multicells to the custom com- munity, you need to put them in gameserver\ data\ multisell\pvp and multisells must be signed with -, as an example the path to the file must be

The bypass should look like:
action="bypass _bbsmultisell:-12000;_bbspage:shop"

If you want to transfer the service from the NPC to the Community Board, for this you need to edit the bypass, for example:
From NPC data\html-ru\mods\services\40025.htm
Bypass is as follows - action="bypass -h scripts_services.NickColor:list"
In the Community, it should look like this - action="bypass _bbsscripts_services.NickColor:list;_bbspage:services"
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