Update Rev.4783 (Dev SVN)


Команда форума
  • Added class balance system for manual editing of power and protection of certain classes
  • Added service when using a single item, you can change the view of the entire set. Soon will add Guide
  • Config Add clan reputation on hero status gain
  • Correct add skill Seal of Ruler if change config MinClanLevelForSiegeRegistration
  • Config party count limit in Command Channel for entry to Frintezza
  • Correct collision height and radius for some Raids
  • Correct RunSpd for some Raids
  • One more correction for Test Of Champion
  • Correct of spawn treasure boxs and correct respawn time, Goddard area
  • Add config DropOnlyTheseItemsId
  • Correct DropEvent, added tenths and hundredths in percent chance drop
  • Correct reward for Path of the Elven Oracle
  • Correct MoveSpeed display for mobs
  • Correction of incorrect displayed speed of movement, if your basic stat began to increase
  • Correction for Hunt of the Black Lion
  • Add possibility disable SSQ Validation message send
  • Correct mAtk for items ID 197, 198, 199, 200, 7716, 7717, 7718, 4876, 4877, 4878, 4882, 4883, 4884, 4879, 4880, 4881
  • Added mining locations of Aura Flash
  • Config for skill reuse remove for Oly
  • Invulnerability skill correction, buffs do not pass as well as debuffs
  • Shield formula move
  • Remove useless CofferOfShadowsRewardRate
  • Correct reward for quest Testimony Of Prosperity
  • BBS Memo Manage correct
  • Add config for minimal level clan for siege registration
  • Correct quest Path To Orc Raider
  • Correct quest Chains of Slavery drop chance
  • Unhardcode Epic Bosses from BossStatusService
  • Correct ForbiddenCharName config, now ignore case
  • Rework L2Top delivery items to player
  • Added the config to disable Baium raid
  • Taking part of the oly points if the player has ceased to be suitable for the conditions
  • Add price modificator for NPC Shop
  • Add config for show effect result every next success
  • Added the ability to add many rewards and chance for PvP/Pk reward services
  • Fix bug with restore MP after craft in duel
  • Add lost minions for Archangel Iconoclasis
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