Web Site Premium For Lucera

Caio vinicius

I am making available to you a web site that I bought. I paid dearly but I will not use it anymore.

This site is fully manageable by www.domain.com/admin


- Register / Alter / Recovery
- PvP / Pk / Adena / Level / Clan Rank
- Boss Jewel Loc
- Castle Siege
- Boss Status
- Account Panel
- Rotate Banner
- Gallery Print and Video
- Grand Olympiad

Languages: Portuguese / English / Spanish

Change the settings in the Private / config.php file

Run the SQL file inside the _Sql folder

Just as I'm doing I hope you also contribute to the forum.


Credits: AtualStudio
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I can't find where access to the mysql server database is specified. In private / config, only the path to the site database.