Update Rev.1839 [EN](Dev SVN)

Тема в разделе "[EN] Update List", создана пользователем Deazer, 22 июн 2017.

  1. Deazer

    Deazer Разработчик Команда форума

    • Hot fix exploit with character stats
    • Fix exploit with Beetle of Grave in second room Four Sepulchers
    • Correct Rune bonus stat if character with permium + correct champions mobs reward multiplayer
    • Remove full Fortres siege from core/scripts/datapack - more free memory + its not work on Interlude. DO NOT FORGET REMOVE FROM DATAPACK xml files from this list!
    • Correct quests MagicalPowerofWater1 and Magical Powerof Fire1 need Mark of Alliance 2+
    • Correct skill Summon Cursed Bones. Lost MP consume and cast time
    • Correct skill item learn item id for Mass Surrender to Fire
    • Add config for announcement end date of a season of the Olympic Games at an Enter World
    • Rework skills Charge - remove skillType val="CHARGE". Add effect Charge add new conditions chargesMin and chargesMax, old conditions removed from core
    • Charges automaticly removed from buff if you do not update effect status after 10 mins - Offlike
    • Rework skills on new effect and confition Double Sonic Slash, Sonic Blaster, Sonic Storm, Sonic Focus, Force Burst, Force Storm, Focused Force, Force Blaster, Triple Sonic Slash, Hurricane Assault, Energy Stone, Sonic Rage, Raging Force, Force Meditation, Sonic Barrier, Sonic Move, Break Duress
    • Final correct exp and sp for mobs
    • Add to services rate bonus drop_raid_item DO NOT FORGET UPDATE TABLE accounts_bonuses.sql Execute SQL: ALTER TABLE accounts_bonuses ADD dropRaidItems DOUBLE DEFAULT '1.0' AFTER dropItems;
    • Correct Skill Mastery formulas
    • Add support client guard STRIXGUARD
    • Correct Z coordinates for Halisha's Treasure Chest
    • Forgotten to add on_pvp_event condition in item.dtd
    • Fix apply effect on Celestial if body of skill is Offensive - like Sonic Rage and Raging Force
    • Cosmetic correct skills Aura Flare,Vampiric Claw,Turn Undead,Banish Undead,Banish Seraph
    • //show_effets and stop effect now too work on Pets/Summons
    • Add config for allow Hero skills on sub class
    • Rework siege reward on defence and on attack owned castle. Remove old parametr "end_siege_owner_leader_reward" add new params
    • Rework Summon skills - add new type NPC and rework summon Trees. Remove old type and AI for SummonItemNpc/XmassTree
    • Add lost skills for NPC data/npc/13000-13099.xml