Update Rev.1366 EN Classic


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  • System of automatic creation and updating of the database structure has been implemented.
  • Impl teleportation markbook system and save points according to the chronicle
  • Impl command for char log ingame USAGE: //snoop [TARGET_NAME] [on|off]
  • fixed serious exploit that could lead to dupe. MANDATORY UPDATE!
  • Add support l2jbrazil vote
  • One more correction for manadam formula, get second param (by default 1600 - need move to datapack)
  • Correction for Wedding command .gotolove
  • Implemented slots of agathions and agathion charms.
  • Add examples for it, soon will start to impl to datapack
  • One more correction for agathion charms
  • When unequip the agathion, we also take out the Charms from the slots
  • Correct calculation rank for olympiad
  • Add config for current period and past
  • add column for oly nobles
  • fixed the ability to install Hennas at the Olympiad
  • Prepare to impl dbm struct
  • Correct Frintezza state on shutdown server
  • Correct drop view at Shift click
  • Correct Pet Reset name service
  • Rewrite quest from PTS Warwith Varka Silenos
  • Correct quest Through Once More
  • Added ability to rate Adena in quests separately
  • Now clan quests can be rated
  • Correct 3nd job quests
  • Baium instant skill kill awake character
  • Correct Summon AI
  • Correct Baium AI
  • Rework quest_rates.properties for adena reward
  • Fix tie at olympiad
  • Fix damage calculation from Summon
  • Rework Erase formula and correct data for skill Erase
  • Correct Summon task
  • Doors Devil_003 coordinates fix
  • Brooches now glare
  • Added the ability to add abnormal effects for passive skills
  • Move agro params to config
  • Fix packet UI CI RunSpd calculation
  • Correction for Summon Ai, on try attack he move to target anyway he can attack or not
  • Add Snoop Quit packet
  • lil correction baium ai
  • Correct for DEX formulas about runSpd
  • rework for aggression
  • Strings for l2jbrazil vote
  • Processing combination items system
  • cosmetic for compaund
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