Test Server Lucera 2 Classic/Тестовый сервер Lucera 2 Classic

the large number of characters that are GMs... and each one doing many things... make the server have a ping of up to 1500 or 2500 sometimes
in my opinion they should only be non-GM players for testing
servers down?
of course it not
Could you send me the folder with the default settings for the classic, so I can see what it has before buying?

another question, I have downloaded the client to test the server but I saw that buttons or details continue to appear in the client that I think do not belong to interlude... are you going to fix this? Or do you provide any tool to remove it? At the moment I can't access the test server but when I can I'll upload the photos.
Кто может данный клиент выложить на торент или небольшими частями? инэт тормоз, не успеваю качнуть, отрубает. Заранее спасибо
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Может у тебя проблемы какие? под года назад качал все нормально было.
Да я тоже качал шас не может нормально до конца скачать. Через IDM шас начал качать