Lucera 2 Server Setup


Команда форума
Before you continue with the server installation, please make sure that you have the following components:

JDK – the Java platform for your system
MySQL – the database server
MySQL Client for database access

1.Installing MySQL
Installed MySQL 5.1. After installing, run the utility for MySQL Server Instance Configuration Wizard (she starts at the end of the installation if no – one can force from start-Programs-MySQL). Click Next until you see the fields with the password (Modify Security Settings).

Set Navikat for MySQL. The program is paid, but there is a trial for a month, so don't piss. And crack to find, I think, will be no problem if desired. Run this program, press File > New Connection.

Connection name - write something, then everything is filled with the default MySQL settings (I hope you did not change anything, but if you changed something here write something changed), the last line Password - write password that we entered in the settings of MySQL (for example, 12345). Click OK. In the left column of the main window Connections appeared the inscription Localhost_3306 (or some other numbers). Click twice on it to open the list. Now click the right button of the mouse on the same nadpisi, select New Database... and in the first line write lucera3.

2.Preparing server settings files
Go into the folder :

authserver cmdlet\config\default

Move the contents of folders in the root

authserver cmdlet\config\

3.Database Installation
Database installation occurs exclusively via
gameserver\sql\install.bat - before you run Install.bat/sh, YOU NEED to Configure access to the database in the file mysql_settings.bat/sh

No Navicat speech and can not be - it does not work with procedures simply will not fill up the file items.sql
In such cases you character will run around naked and not what an item will not be saved

@echo off

set PATH="C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.1\bin"<<<<<<<< Specify the installation directory the location of the MySQL server
set USER=root<<<<<<<< the Username of the MySQL user
set PASS=<<<<<<<< the Password of the MySQL user
set DBNAME=lucear3<<<<<<<< the Name of the MySQL Database
set DBHOST=localhost<<<<<<<< The host to connect to a MySQL database

mysql-h %DBHOST% -u %USER% --password=%PASS% -Bse "use %DBNAME%" > nul 2>&1

if errorlevel 9009 goto notfound
if errorlevel 1 goto error
goto end

echo Can't use %DBNAME%!
exit /b 1

echo Can't find mysql binary!
exit /b 1

4.Configuring the Login server go authserver cmdlet\config\authserver
LoginserverHostname = put Your IP interface.
If You have a router or proxy, make routing on an interface.
Port Forwarding or Virtual Server tab on the routers.
Proxyfactory Ala StormWall itself throws routing and traffic will come only with a proxy.

LoginHost = In this column indicate what address to connect the server login to game server.
Only with regard to the game server and login server. Usually , if you Login and Game server are not on a different PC.

Also include Auto-pickup servers
AcceptNewGameServer = True

or False and leave record
INSERT INTO `gameservers` (`server_id`, `host`) VALUES(1, ''); < Change your from LoginHost =

5.Setup Game server - go gameserver\config\
In this parameter to indicate what address will connect's customers. If you server is running as a local area network and global - leave the star. If that would have worked in only in the global network put your external network address. Look it up on
GameserverHostname = *

ExternalHostname = this field you specify Your external IP address

InternalHostname= this field you specify Your IP address within the network. If You have no local network, leave