Lineage 2 Interlude turnkey project


Команда форума
What is turnkey server ?

It's very easy, most of the services, that you see on our website, are included in turnkey packet. How do we create the project? You contact our manager, talk about all term from A to Z, we create an individual work plan.

What do we need from you?:
  • Include your thoughts clearly when creating technical specifications of the future server project
  • Everything else is made by us, as you want it to be

Turnkey project creation is made from several steps:
  • Hardware configuration and administration
  • Game server and customization according to your technical task
  • Creation of web design and connection of scripts
  • Creating unique client add-ons and integrating them
  • Connecting and configuring AntiDDOS solutions to your hosting/game server
  • Connection of cheat/bots protection for your game server
  • Maintenance of an advertising company and selection of a more optimal advertising company for your budget
  • and much more.
Also, each of the items can be optionally selected by you. You only need a well-written technical task in which the concept of your game server will be clearly expressed.
The cost and term of the turnkey project implementation will be based on the complexity of the technical assignment.

Detailed information you can get by contacting Skype : [​IMG] Moveton << Push to add
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