L2Board - FREE complete administration panel (market, community, donation area, blog, download manager...)


A few months ago a colleague of mine asked me for help to set up various systems (forum, website, download manager, PayPal notifications ...).

Due to my experience I saw that there was the possibility of integrating all these systems and integrating them into the game.

I am sharing with you a stable and evolving system. Its free.

Over time we will create new themes and add new features. The intention is to keep these projects for years.

Here are some features of L2Board:

* Automatic installation guide
* User registration
* Possibility of installing themes and modules
* Queued email notification system
* In Portuguese, English and Spanish
* Available updates indicator
* Widget Support
* Russian,English,Spanish and Portuguese translations.

Modules already included:


* When registering, an account in L2 is automatically created.
* Get player data like characters, items, lvl, pvps, hp and others.
* Access to online users.


Random Gifts
* The system delivers gifts "closed" to users. These open after a certain amount of time the player is online in the game. When you open it, the system "draws" items and automatically adds them to the player's inventory.


* Players can advertise items from their bag into the system and sell for the currency you create.
* The currency you create must be acquired through a panel of donations already included.



* Community account is the same as the system.
* Forums, categories, official topics.
* Administrative panel for moderators.



* Post news, announcements and others.
* Notification system on each post.


* Send files or links to download pages.
* Count downloads and views.


The system is in beta, ie there may be bugs not known. Any problems please send a message on related topic.

Unfortunately I have not yet created a documentation for the system. Any questions please contact kgr@l2board.com

You need to register to download this beta.

Download in: https://l2board.com/

Thank you!
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