Instructions for merging game and login databases


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Database Merge Software: HeidiSQL or DataGrip

Script location: gameserver\sql\maintenance\server_merge.sql

Preparation process:
You must first make a backup of your databases - let's say Serverx2019 and Server2020. For example, we transfer data from the Serverx2019 database (src_db) to the Server2020 database (dst_db)
Create 2 databases - src_db (upload data from Serverx2019) and dst_db (upload data from Server2020)
1. src_db - base from which the data will be transferred to the one you need (Serverx2019)
2. dst_db - base to which you will transfer data (Server2020)

Attention! If you have one login server for both game databases, you need to upload accounts.sql to both src_db and dst_db databases for correct transfer of accounts, if the number of characters on the account in total becomes more than 7, then a prefix will be created for the new account. The prefix when transferring _1, let's say there was a test account, will become test_1
If the account exceeds the allowed number of characters in length after conversion, the last 3 characters will be truncated and replaced with _1:
Let's say the account was 11dimasik999 > after conversion it will become 11dimasik_1 .You can check to which accounts the prefixes have been added in the scr_db database table acc_conv.sql

Next, run the script as in this video:

Done! The transfer process is complete! Next, you simply transfer data from dst_db to Server2020 and the accounts table from dst_db to your login database.
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