How to give items to the player.


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Option 1:
For delivery of any item to the player offline you need to execute SQL inquiry:

INSERT INTO 'items_delayed' ('owner_id', 'item_id', 'count') VALUES (char_obj_id, item_id, item_count);

INSERT INTO 'items_delayed' ('owner_id', 'item_id', 'count') VALUES (12345678, 57, 1000);

We give to the player 12345678 thousand adena.
This option works as if online the player or the player offline.

Option 2:
For delivery of a item to the player in a game when it online:
//give_item <target|target_name> <item_id> <item_count>

We take in a target character
//give_item (Target) 57 1000 So we will give out to a target of 1000 of an adena
//give_item Troy 57 1000 Thus we remotely will give to character Troy 1000 of an adena
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