How to edit teleports and add your own.


Команда форума
All standard teleportations and their names are in gameserver/data/npc and are directly attached to the NPC as skills or drop and so for example we take the Npc Roxxy:

<npc id="30006" name="Roxxy" title="Gatekeeper">
<set name="aggroRange" value="0"/>
<set name="ai_type" value="CharacterAI"/>
<set name="baseAtkRange" value="40"/>
<set name="baseCON" value="43"/>
<teleportlist> Beginning of the teleporter tag
<sublist id="1"> list ID which is used in the dialog which we will discuss below.

<target loc="-80684 149770 -3040" item_id="57" price="9400" name="Gatekeeper.TheVillageofGludin"/>
<target loc="9744 15645 -4568" item_id="57" price="24000" name="Gatekeeper.DarkElvenVillage"/>
<target loc="115120 -178224 -880" item_id="57" price="46000" name="Gatekeeper.DwarvenVillage"/>
<target loc="46951 51550 -2976" item_id="57" price="23000" name="Gatekeeper.ElvenVillage"/>
<target loc="-45158 -112583 -240" item_id="57" price="35000" name="Gatekeeper.OrcVillage"/>
<target loc="-112367 234703 -3668" item_id="57" price="830" name="Gatekeeper.ElvenRuins"/>
<target loc="-111728 244330 -3448" item_id="57" price="770" name="Gatekeeper.SingingWaterfall"/>
<target loc="-106696 214691 -3424" item_id="57" price="1000" name="Gatekeeper.WesternTerritoryofTalkingIsland"/>
<target loc="-99586 237637 -3568" item_id="57" price="470" name="Gatekeeper.ObeliskofVictory"/>
<sublist id="2"> list ID which is used in the dialog
<target loc="-87328 142266 -3640" item_id="57" price="1000" name="Gatekeeper.GludinArena"/>
<target loc="73579 142709 -3768" item_id="57" price="1000" name="Gatekeeper.GiranArena"/>
<target loc="49315 248452 -5960" item_id="57" price="1000" name="Gatekeeper.ElvenRuins"/>
<target loc="146440 46723 -3432" item_id="57" price="1000" name="Gatekeeper.Coliseum"/>
<sublist id="3"> list ID which is used in the dialog
<target loc="-87328 142266 -3640" price="1" item_id="6651" name="Gatekeeper.GludinArena"/>
<target loc="73579 142709 -3768" price="1" item_id="6651" name="Gatekeeper.GiranArena"/>
<target loc="49315 248452 -5960" price="1" item_id="6651" name="Gatekeeper.ElvenRuins"/>
<target loc="146440 46723 -3432" price="1" item_id="6651" name="Gatekeeper.Coliseum"/>
</teleportlist> End of the teleporter tag
Consider the parameters:
<sublist id="1"> - list id
<target loc="X Y Z of teleport point" price="item count" item_id="Id of item consume" name="Gatekeeper.GludinArena - the string that is in data/strings in localization files"/>

Now the NPC dialogue Roxxy:

Gatekeeper Roxxy:

[npc_%objectId%_Chat 2|Ask about the Ivory Tower.]

[npc_%objectId%_Teleport 1|Teleport] for this teleport a list from <sublist id = "1"> is taken, as well as an example you can put the output of sub pages with other id

[npc_%objectId%_Teleport 2| <sublist id="2"> - Teleport Name]

[npc_%objectId%_Teleport 3|<sublist id="3"> - Teleport Name]

[npc_%objectId%_multisell 002|Exchange Dimension Diamonds.]

[scripts_Util:NoblessTeleport|Noblesse Exclusive Teleport]


To use custom teleports without editing the NPCs, you can add them directly to the HTML:
1. Just teleport without removing items
[scripts_Util:Gatekeeper X Y Z Heading|Teleport Name]
[scripts_Util:Gatekeeper -61288 -57736 -1600 0|Move to Top of the Clock Tower.]
2. Teleport with removal of items
[scripts_Util:QuestGatekeeper X Y Z ItemCount ItemID|Teleport Name]
[scripts_Util:QuestGatekeeper -80684 149770 -3040 1 1658|Teleport using Gatekeeper's Amulet.]