How to add a siege launch time and subsequent siege start cycles


Команда форума
To set the desired date and time of the siege (for the first time) you can set the values yourself in the game by admin - //admin > the Residences tab

To automatically suspend for the period of sieges you need - every 7 days or change the date, go to
gameserver\data\events\siege and as an example we take [1] gludio_castle.xml

In it, we have the start parameters and what they mean:
<parameter name="siege_schedule" value="0 16 +14:* * 7|0 20 +14:* * 7" />

0 16 +14:* * 7
(0 16) - 16:00
+14 - After how many days will the next siege, in this example, after 14 days 2 weeks. If you want to put +7
:* * 7 - Day of the week. In our example will be on Sunday.

The second parameter in itself carries also the very information BUT already for the siege on the second wave. As far as you know, some of the castles start sieges in different waves. There are only two of them.
|0 20 +14:* * 7