Configure phantoms


Команда форума
Path to config:

Algorithm for spawning phantoms:
The wave of the spawn that triggers every 'waveRespawn' minutes, starts the algorithm,
enumerating each spawn element given from spawn.xml and creates a task for the appearance
random phantom, eligible criteria, In a given area and a predetermined amount.
The delay for the task is specified by the config 'phantomSpawnDelayMinMax'.
After the phantom spawn, a task is automatically created to remove the phantom, after the time specified
by the config 'phantomDespawnDelayMinMax'.

Algorithm of work AI:
The phantom AI triggers every 'townAiTick'. During the tick (triggering ai),
randomize the execution of each action. Perform the first action, the chance of which has passed, or no, if no action is not pierced.
It is important to note that changing the 'townAiTick' parameter will change the frequency of polling actions, which means changing
Logical values of odds (for example, if the tick is reduced by a factor of 2, phantoms will perform actions 2 times
More often with the same chances).
Actions that require a delay before use are configured.
For some delays, only one (minimum) value is configured. For such deleevs, the second value
Is selected automatically.

Enchant algorithm:
The algorithm goes through a value that starts with 'minEnchant' and increases by +1 with the chance given
In the config 'enchantChance', until the chance fails, or we reach the maximum value of 'maxEnchant'.

Locations of datapack files:
Folder and file tree
GAMESERVER\DATA\PHANTOMS - Root directory of phantoms
| phantoms.dtd
| phantoms.xml -- Themselves phantoms. Names, grade, class id, hairstyle, titles, etc.
| phrases.dtd
| phrases_ru.xml --Russian phrases that will pronounce a phantom in private or in a shoult.
| phrases_en.xml -- English phrases that will pronounce a phantom in private or in a shoult.
| spawn.dtd
| spawn.xml -- Spawn phantoms in the territory, the minimum should be 3 points for the formation of the territory, Indicates which grades of phantoms spawn. For example, in start locations it is better to do gradeMin="D" gradeMax="C", in High-level towns gradeMin="A" gradeMax="S" or gradeMin="S" gradeMax="S"
\---equipment -- Directory with descriptions of classes, armor and their equipment
armor.xml -- Sets of armor, you can add any
class_equip.xml -- Classes that they are wearing, class grades, weapons