Analytical antispam AdvExt


Команда форума
Good afternoon, dear customers and guests of the Lucera2 project.
I want you to present the integration of AdvExt-AntiSpam into our product.

The AdvExt-AntiSpam module is designed to monitor messages on your projects and timely blocking RMT trading platforms destroying the economy of servers.
The system analytically determines the nature of messages sent to the gaming chat and labels them as RMT (Real Money Trade) or as Suspected.

A convenient control panel allows you to quickly monitor and block unwanted messages and those who write them:

Also from it you can get detailed information about the user (HWID/IP/ Account, etc.) and his correspondence in all possible channels.

Purchase model:
Week trial, with a countdown from the start of the server - for free.
Further, if the peak online per day above 1000 - then $ 100 per month, if less - $ 50
The server module is absolutely free.

Contact for purchase:
Telegram: @AdvExt