Update Rev.903 EN Classic


Staff member
  • Added the ability to reach a maximum level of 86
  • Some corrects for MMOTOP and offline reward
  • Ups. Raid status lost dialog
  • Fix en dialog for newbie helper
  • If tie at the Olympiad match, we don’t take off points and don’t add a loss or victory, just add the number of matches played
  • Redesigned the Noblesh sale service, if the subclass check is turned off, check for 3 job on main class
  • Fix Dawn/Dust teleport to Festival
  • Add lost drop for Dark Shaman Varangka Raid
  • Ups, add description for hwid zone check back coordinates - example https://bit.ly/2JbvG2q
  • Fix topzone for new API
  • Fix Hidden Truth quest dialog
  • Rework l2topzone for new API
  • Correct Evas and Accuracy formula for characters
  • Correct admin shop
  • Remove garbage from residences
  • When communicating in a private chat, we send the player level
  • Add uniqIpLimit zone
  • Fix l2topzone reward system
  • Config for AutoLoot available only for Premium Account
  • Correct Hallate's Royal Guard minions
  • Bloody Empress Decarbia radius and height
  • Final processing of the connector and added the ability to expand configurations with an additional config
  • Add network.log file for any error about packages. NEED TO UPDATE the file /config/log4j.xml
  • Update mysql connector for new auth methods
  • Fixed tracker overhead in Tutorial quests
  • Added the ability to set the default sharpening in items when creating: <set name="enchanted" value="ench_lvl"/>
  • Add for GM shop Belts, Brooch and Stones for it, Cloaks, Agahtions
  • Some corrects for items
  • Config for the ability to disable the display of buffs on when selecting a target on another player
  • Fixed drop distribution if mob killing pet or summon
  • If are no items to continue the life of the summon, send a message once. Don't spam
  • Correct Abnormals for admin
  • Sync stings with services
  • Add lost strings for zone limits