Update Rev.5562 (Dev SVN)


Команда форума
Fully fixed issue with Four Sepulchers. Now with the passage of the chests appear normally
Added raid boss kill announcement system
Add Pvp/Pk reward zone https://bit.ly/2MbcyWO
Added protection for disconnected players in NoCarrier mode. In the period NoCarrier becomes invulnerable to attacks and debuffs.
Added conditions under which invlnerability will not be imposed in the mode NoCarrier.
Reworked formula for evas and accuracy and related edits for AI. (full off-like)
Add new skill target - TARGET_ALLY_AND_PARTY
Added a custom NPC for the convenience of working with Multiprof. Soon I will write a guide on multipof.
Correct quest items for group Arrogant Search of passage
Move from PTS quest The Harvest Grounds Safe
Move from PTS quest The Other Side Of Truth
Move quest A Game of Cards from PTS
Move quest form PTS Seductive Whispers
Move from PTS quest Defeat The Elrokian Raiders
Added config for the ability to disable multisell debug
Full rewrite quest The Clans Reputation by PTS Interlude
Add Multiprof NPC and guide https://bit.ly/2EERPV8
Add parameter transformDespawnTime for transformOnDead.
Correct multisell bypass to SA Remove from Weapon
Add more parameters for PvPZoneReward
New parser for zones
Added the ability to send when a player dies in the desired city or coordinate
Add Rune of Feather of Blessing https://l2wiki.com/Feather_of_Blessing
Additional reuse delay parameter for ResetLevel service #802
Refinement of the NPC for MultiJob #804
Correct bypass for newbiehelper
Correction for Phantoms and one more rework for Baium quest
Add audit for Achievement #803
Return the old method of spawn chests after killing the RB on the quest Fates Whisper. Now it is not necessary to have a quest that the chests appear. Not according to the office, but it will be easier for the players. New method removed