Update Rev.4566 (Dev SVN)


Команда форума
  • Fix bug in which it was possible to add more members of limit to the clan
  • Correct IP check for PvP reward service and correct bug if player not connected
  • Add config for forbid on attacking players or mobs if are in the epic zone on condition that the attackers is in a different type of zone
  • Add parameter for items on equip reuse delay - example <set name="equip_reuse_delay" value="30000"/> - 30 sec reuse on equip
  • A sub-class cannot be created or changed if exceeded inventory limit + system message
  • Added exp freez check in services
  • Add lost spawn for quest The Leader and the Follower
  • Before the start of the match is not restored HP/CP/MP
  • Add log folder
  • Add lost multisell for quest In the Forgotten Village
  • Remove deprecated fields for onActionShift
  • Move to config Four Sepulcher start time
  • Fix Bettle spawn at Four Sepulcher
  • Add ability to enable ACP for all characters on create by default
  • Correct Ignored item pick delay
  • Correct teleport name
  • Rework HWID ban, now on hwid ban all accounts with the same HWID will be banned
  • Cosmetic for Active Anti Cheat
  • Correction ActiveAntiCheatGuardModule
  • Add NonOwnerItemFromRaidPickupDelay ignore config
  • Move to config enchant effect level
  • Add HWID ban manager for ActiveAntiCheat
  • Accept clan application cant be on oly or event
  • One more message for sub-class add
  • Add isReuseDelayPermanent for Summon CP Potion
  • Add for level up and delevel services condition check on xpfreez
  • lil fix for bbs
  • Add config for allow to use the Community board only in the peace zone
  • Remove minions for Lost Gargoyle Youngling
  • Baium kill now after awake, not on attack
  • Add minions Lost Gargoyle Youngling
  • Add more description for offline trade
  • Add telnet commands remove_item and give_item
  • Lil correct quest ArrogantSearch
  • Corrct quest For Sleep less Deadmen
  • Rework The Wishing Potion quest reward "box"
  • Correct quest The Wishing Potion