Update Rev.3834 EN Classic


Head Developer
Staff member
  • Add PvP Event buff on revive
  • Add mute chat zone. Guide: https://lucera2.com/threads/how-to-add-no-chat-zone.3080/
  • Rework for service consimation
  • lil fix for itemHandler
  • Add new param for multisells no_merchant="true" You can buy from anywhere in the world, let's say welcome.htm
  • Impl PCBang Shop from UI of game clinet https://i.gyazo.com/988ff0a53e8eef2becfc84b03721a7e7.png
  • Add exapmle with no_merchant="true" multisell/40025.xml
  • Fix abnormal clean effect from admin command //abnormal
  • Correction for Item Skill: Empower
  • Additional abnormals for Heroic skills
  • Correct and return back event Pumpkin
  • Option on .relog inside epic zone
  • Correct quest reward Long Live the Paagrio Lord
  • Add premium reward for promo codes
  • Add min level check for promo codes
  • Correct title color item id
  • Add lost spawn
  • Spawn sync
  • Add to .menu option for blocking trade and party
  • Separate Auto Loot and Herb Auto loot
  • Add configs for disable commands
  • Correct message if GiranHarbor service price is 0
  • Fix clan war announce message
  • Added to the admin panel accrual of clan reputation
  • Add clan subunit price to config
  • Fix incorrect overhit message
  • Added all popup screen messages like magic crit, overhit and etc
  • Correction for admin reload html + warning
  • Door open fix for Aida CH
  • Move from PTS Quest Long Live the Paagrio Lord
  • code reformat and optimization for packet filter
  • Added a new type of monsters and bosses for the pvp flag at the start of the attack <set name="type" value="FlaggingOnHitMob"/> and <set name="type" value="FlaggingOnHitBoss"/>