Update Rev.1902 EN Classic


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  • Fix packet flood exploit
  • Add new type of olympiad competition Class Type Based. Where Mages fight with Mages, and Warriors with Warriors. Need add to HTML olympiad_operator100.htm string like <a action="bypass -h npc_%objectId%_oly 10001">"I want to join the type-based games."</a>
  • SQL query that must be executed if you have MaxPvtManufactureSlots more than 20
  • Minion count correct
  • Add lost spawn
  • Add config for drop items to Last Attacker
  • Add config with chance to port Dimensional Rift Boss Room Immediately
  • Move from PTS The Zero Hour quests
  • Add for OneDayReward raid_kill
  • Rework minion aggression reaction
  • Rework search Faction at mobs
  • Rework prepare target for aggression
  • Correct Clean Up The Swamp Of Screams quest
  • Fix Cargo box system
  • Extend character Social Panel
  • Impl Tactical Sign system
  • Config: Days of the week in which it is possible to register for the Olympiad сompetition
  • Mammon and Merchant Mammon correct position
  • Move form PTS quest Silk of Tarantula
  • Crystallization crystal bonus correct
  • By default, academics have rights to use the clan hall and castle functions.
  • Cosmetic for buttions
  • Add nospam system https://lucera2.ru/threads/added-new-system-of-shadow-ban-player-chat.2044/
  • Correct remove target when attacket is using bow
  • Add to database merge Nobles
  • Correction for quests Sword Of Solidarity, Sea of Spores Fever, Spirit Of Crafts man, Spirit Of Mirror, Skirmish With Orcs, Forgotten Truth, Merciless Punishment,Jumble Tumble Diamond Fuss
  • Correct for Poison and Bleed and effects
  • Correct for Reputation inc
  • Reward soulshot_none_for_rookie and spiritshot_none_for_rookie for recommendation
  • Fix AI of Summon and Pet
  • Check at Newbie Guider count of SS/BSS for reward new one count
  • Fix for Pvp/Pk Custom Reward at services
  • Move from PTS minions for NPC
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