Update Rev.1589 EN Classic


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  • Runes system implemented. Details: https://l2wiki.com/classic/Runes
  • Implemented the ability to use new Oly arenas: https://bit.ly/2Euk5wQ
  • Impl new event https://www.lineage2.com/news/accessorize-with-dragon-pendants
  • Impl chance multisells: https://lucera2.ru/threads/chance-multisell-trade-list-classic-revision.1930/
  • The prison and its functionality have been completely rewritten.
  • All possible methods are closed to get out of it before the deadline
  • ATTENTION!!!Transfer your chances! Chance of Enchant moved from other.properties TO enchant_items.xml !!
  • Rework World chat
  • Add bonus items for World Chat
  • Move limits to SystemMessages and configs
  • Add GM command for givin world points //add_wp <target> <count>
  • Add Item Magic Trumpet
  • Provoke makes only mobs aggressive
  • Ability to give a list of skills to all players
  • Can work on target //ride //ride_wyvern //wr //ride_strider //sr //unride //ur
  • Bleed and Poison not removed when reaching the 1 HP
  • Toggle skills are not remove at Dead if set at data/stat/skills <set name="isPreservedOnDeath" val="true"/>
  • Rework validation position system on character fall
  • Add GM command //redsky [duration_time]
  • Added the ability to prohibit clan and passive skills at PvP events
  • Ups! Gladiator skills have critical rate.
  • When deleting a player, we remove all items from the PawnShop
  • Move pawnshop and leader id for ally data and clan subpledge
  • Rework spawn admin panel
  • Remove garbage
  • Add Orfen to RestoreHealthOnExcludedIds
  • Preacher of Doom does not affect on invisible players like GM
  • Add new target type TARGET_AREA_CLAN
  • Correct skill Seal of Disease
  • Correct Halberd, Tiphon's Spear
  • Correct Special Ability: Critical Stun
  • Config for Can mobs of Seven Signs be champions
  • Fix npe if OlyBuffs is Empty string
  • Correct messages for admin command give_all_ ...
  • Correct reward for Path To Orc Raider
  • Correct skill Greater Resist Two-handed Weapons
  • Fix hatchling exchange on strider at ClanHall
  • Ups lost config and strings for services ServerLifeTime
  • Index build correction for server_merge.sql
  • Add server life time service
  • Config for the ability to make a static spawn period for Seven Signs (static event period with seals)
  • Correct skill Invocation, Escape - Talking Island Village, Scroll of Escape to Talking Island, Force Meditation
  • Move from PTS HEADQUARTER zones
  • Correct minions count for some RB
  • Grave Robber Kim have 3 minions
  • lil correct buttons for pvp event manager
  • Mage Weapon Mastery correct
  • Не изымаем стандартный налог за аукцион с инкрустированных вещей, берем только из кофнига PawnShopAugmentedTax
  • lil correction for trade ban
  • Checked all places and set restrictions when transferring an item if the trade is banned. If you find any more - let me know.