Rev.4198 Classic [EN]


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  • Implemented teleportation service and announcement to raid bosses
  • Reward will now be reset upon the repetition of a cyclic Attendance event.
  • Fixed a rare issue where Zaken would teleport to the city after the player
  • Fixed an issue where mobs could teleport to the peace zone after you if you behind a barrier
  • Instance raids cannot spawn in the real world
  • Added a config that generally disables any ability to teleport mobs to the player (it is not recommended to disables)
  • Now if the target forgot about the player, it walks home if AlwaysTeleportHome = False
  • Fix SpRate for
  • Cosmetic code overhaul for the Attendance event
  • Added a new group for disabling drop. Example: <rewardlist type="DISABLED">
  • Removed hardcoding from the recall effect.
  • Moved from PTS quest Spirit Of Mirror
  • Moved from PTS quest Path To Oracle
  • Quest dialogue correction _152_ShardsOfGolem/harry_q0152_05a.htm
  • Added bonus skill enchantment for Premium account
  • Fix Exp and SP Premium bonus multiplier
  • Correction to quest inventory
  • Small correct for SpiritOfMirror quest
  • One more correction to experience bonuses when Vitality is enabled
  • Corrected Attendance event calculation for the final reward - it was stuck at 29 and players were unable to claim it when the event was looping
  • Added the forgotten multisell for Rafforty
  • Forgotten default parameter has been added for the skill enchant bonus.
  • Added reload auto announce from admin panel
  • Correction event htm buttons
  • Remove unused multisell
  • A more logical check for a player's presence in a specific area (isInZone)
  • Rework for Item Delayed
  • The items_delayed system has been completely rewritten
  • All SQL queries have been removed from the code and converted to procedures
  • Impl and add change clan name field for admin panel
  • Fixed the possibility of displaying drops from treasure chests and added an additional configuration
  • Correction Top player reward info on PvP event
  • Correction for teleport to boss On/Off Block ask
  • Fixed the display of saved items when selling in a private shop
  • The issue has been fixed whereby some messages attempted to reach non-iterable players as bots and an NPE occurred due to their lack of default language
Is this auto farm update already out on classic?
Yes it is
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when does the usage and configuration information come out?
you can check any thinks at repo, also all descriptions at
No any point make a guide on forum
Also if you ask about Update List > I make it once a month on forum, live you can check at repository.
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