Multiproff Guide


Команда форума
How to include:
File -
Option AltWeakSkillLearn = False if you want to turn it on True

How to use:
There is ready NPC with id 40032 which includes all possible classes for learning. Also, when addressing, depending on the profession, you are given HTML of the following content and path
data\html-en\multi_newbie_class.htm - basic starting classes
data\html-en\multi_first_class.htm - first profession
data\html-en\multi_second_class.htm - second profession
data\html-en\multi_third_class.htm - third profession

Suppose we need for starting professions to give the opportunity to learn the skills of other professions, we form html

[npc_%objectId%_AltSkillList 10|Human Mage]
Где _AltSkillList this is the bypass to the multiproff itself, 10 is the profession id, in our cases it is the Human Mage.

Suppose if you want to give the opportunity to study Duelist for 3 professions or even for the first, then you add a bypass in this form:
[npc_%objectId%_AltSkillList 88|Duelist]

You can also add non-mandatory options in this NPC even for a multiprof and it will give you the opportunity to learn skills in any class without having to find the right teacher -
[npc_%objectId%_SkillList|Learn Base Skills] - Bypass to the skill list of the current profession

[npc_%objectId%_FishingSkillList|Learn fishing skill.] - learning skills of a fisherman, but quite often used to learn custom skills

Your final html should look something like this:

Again, this NPC acts as an example, and you yourself create the list and the design itself as you wish.